Plateau Service Agreements: Lighten Your Load

In previous posts, we discussed what wildlife management service agreements are and two of the three most popular agreement options landowners typically fit into – the Hands-Free (full compliance) and Work Share (split work) options.

The final and simplest service agreement option, the lighten your load landowner, is often overlooked because of its minimal services but is a great option for landowners who live on their property or visit it often.

The Lighten Your Load service agreement contains just two services – the most popular one being the Annual Report. Annual report preparation provides additional oversight and peace of mind while providing proof of compliance to the Central Appraisal District. When the annual report is purchased in a service agreement, landowners receive additional benefits throughout the year including:

  • Periodic reminders to ensure documentation and records are being kept
  • Reminders include helpful tips and seasonal activity highlights
  • Plateau can review documentation before the end of the year to ensure compliance is met; if not, there’s time before the end of the year to finish
  • Safekeeping and storage of documentation throughout the year
  • Preparation before request letters arrive

The landowner then chooses an additional service – typically a less enjoyable activity or one that requires professional expertise. Commonly chosen second services include bird surveys, imported red fire ant control, and brush management.

The Lighten Your Load service agreement not only provides additional support that a landowner might want and need but also helps to increase the enjoyment of wildlife management. Landowners can take advantage of quarterly, interest-free payment plans and enjoy an easy renewal process each year should they desire.

AUTHOR: Kameron Bain
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