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Sell more rural land with Wildlife Management Tax Valuation

Texas ag valuations are granted by appraisal districts for livestock, crop production, beekeeping and other agricultural activities which allow land to be taxed on its production value instead of market value. Wildlife valuation, which is a type of ag valuation, allows landowners to receive the SAME tax advantages. Instead of livestock or crops, the landowner performs wildlife management activities, such as brush management, providing supplemental water, food, or shelter, or census activities that are focused on enhancing Texas flora and fauna on the property.

Wildlife Management and its benefits to anyone buying and selling land:

  • Wildlife valuation taxes are 30-100 times less than market value, just like traditional ag
  • An easier and more rewarding way to own land
  • Helps the owner maintain a favorable tax value
  • Reduces costs and work for the property
  • Greater flexibility – manage wildlife with or without livestock
  • Can increase property value when sold

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Learn more from the professionals at Plateau Land & Wildlife, the state’s leading organization in wildlife management. Contact us today to receive our introduction to wildlife management booklets for your office or clients. Additionally, Plateau is TREC certified and can present this 1-hour CE course to your group or in an area near you:

Selling Rural Land With A Wildlife Management Tax Valuation
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