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Helping You Manage Your Property

Plateau’s Quail Station Assembly 

Offer supplemental food and water to the smaller wildlife utilizing your property with Plateau’s Quail Station. Designed specifically with quail in mind, this system is surrounded by hog paneling only allowing smaller wildlife access to feed and water. This system also collects rainwater with its roof, which flows into a gutter and down a spout to fill a holding tank with up to 100 gallons, which then drains into a float controlled water pan.

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Prescribed Species Control Methods

Different methods of chemical treatment

Plateau’s 100-Gallon Water Table Assembly

Offer supplemental water with Plateau’s 100 gallon Water Table. This system collects rainwater with its roof, which then flows into a gutter and down a spout to fill a holding tank, which then drains into a float controlled pan.

Plateau’s Platform Turkey and Wild Bird Feeder

Plateau Field Technicians, Damon and Chance demonstrate the installation of a Plateau Platform Turkey and Wild Bird Feeder, the best selling, most efficient way to provide supplemental food to turkey and wild birds of all kinds.

How to Install a Plateau Quail and Small Wildlife Station

In this video, Plateau Field Technicians, Damon and Chance are “demonstrating” the installation of a Plateau Quail and Small Wildlife Station. This particular product provides food and water (has built in water collection) in one protected area. The feed and water pan are both housed inside a hog panel enclosure that even has a floor to prevent break-ins by nontarget species. Birds and small mammals of all kinds benefit from this system which allows them to eat and drink in peace.

Footage from the Field:  Spotlight Deer Counts

Join Kasey Mock (Plateau Account Manager, West Service Region) and Lee Kothmann (Plateau Wildlife Services Technician Manager) as they conduct a spotlight deer count on a property in Hays County and discuss the importance of herd management. Plateau provides multiple survey methods and programs to help manage your deer herd while also meeting compliance for Wildlife Management.

Supplemental Water for Wildlife Management

Kasey Mock with Plateau Land & Wildlife Management talks supplemental water as a wildlife management activity and highlights the Plateau 305-gallon wildlife water table.

Supplemental Feeding for White-Tailed Deer

In this video, Kasey Mock, Account Manager for Plateau Land & Wildlife provides some basic tips on providing supplemental feed to your White-tailed deer during the spring in Texas. To see all of Plateau’s supplemental feed solutions, CLICK HERE.