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Helping Texas landowners like you attain and retain your wildlife property tax status is the focus of everything we do. Our broad range of wildlife and land services lets you pick and choose the ways that we can best serve your needs.


Plateau Annual Reports and Check-Ups

Make sure you’re in compliance every year with Central Appraisal District (CAD) requirements by having Plateau perform your check-ups and / or create your annual reports. Your documents will be expertly and meticulously prepared and thoroughly reviewed by our team to ensure they meet the CAD’s strict guidelines to keep your tax status in place.

Wildlife Management Activities

Wildlife Management Activities
Consulting & Review

The Wildlife Management Activity Consulting & Review is a great way for landowners that currently have a Plateau Wildlife Management Plan to assess their current wildlife management activities to ensure compliance for a future Central Appraisal District (CAD) site inspection or annual report request. A Plateau biologist will visit with you on your property and document all of your current wildlife management activities. We will discuss your specific CAD’(s) requirements and answer any questions you may have about your activities and collecting documentation. We will also discuss current wildlife management activity improvements and/or future additional activities that address your needs, budget, and vision for your land.


Plateau Annual Service Agreements

Let us free you from the inconvenience and stress of dealing with your own wildlife management activities. Whether you’re looking for compliance with the Central Appraisal Districts (CADs) or premium land stewardship, our Annual Service Agreements will give you the peace of mind of knowing that all your land management requirements are taken care of properly and professionally.

Annual Service Agreements

Annual Service Agreements

Prices vary by property
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Plateau Wildlife Surveys

Our wildlife surveys are important tools that estimate the diversity, population size, and location of various wild species on your property for better management and provide proof to the Central Appraisal District that your land and wildlife management efforts are working as intended. You’re invited to join our professionals during any or all of your surveys for a fascinating and educational look at the lay of your land.

Wildlife Survey

Spring Breeding Bird Survey
(mid-March through June)

Bird diversity, measured through annual surveying, can be an excellent indicator of the health and quality of your property’s habitat. Plateau’s Seasonal Bird Surveys let you accompany a Plateau biologist on a deep look at your property’s avian community and improve your knowledge of the resident species on your land. Includes detailed reports listing all species and numbers observed, and brief habitat and location descriptions for each station.

$595 plus mileage costs
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Wintering Resident Bird Survey
(mid-November through February)

Bird diversity, measured through annual surveying, can be an excellent indicator of the health and quality of your property’s habitat. Plateau’s Seasonal Bird Surveys let you accompany a Plateau biologist on a deep look at your property’s avian community and improve your knowledge of the resident species on your land. Includes detailed reports listing all species and numbers observed, and brief habitat and location descriptions for each station.

$595 plus mileage costs
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Wildlife Survey

Quail Surveys

Annual surveying of this highly popular game bird is a critical component of management monitoring the abundance and location of quail on your property.

Priced per bid

Spotlight Survey

Deer population surveying is a crucial aspect of management on larger properties and is a qualifying activity in the wildlife management program. Our Spotlight Survey is designed for landowners interested in actively managing their deer populations for habitat improvement or hunting.

Priced per bid
Wildlife Survey

Remote Camera Surveys

Game cameras are an excellent tool for monitoring your deer herd or more secretive and nocturnal wildlife. With this service, a Plateau professional will establish two or more baited infrared game camera stations for 10-14 days, and provide a detailed analysis of the captured pictures.

Priced per bid
Wildlife Survey

Browse Surveys

Learn the actual impact deer have on the existing vegetation on your property. Includes a professional tour and harvesting/stocking recommendations.

Priced per bid
Wildlife Survey

Distance Sampling Surveys

Ideal for properties over 1,000 acres, Plateau Distance Sampling Surveys provide a detailed summary of animal distribution with estimates of density, sex ratio and if done in the late summer, fawn production for the year.

Priced per bid

Plateau Consulting Services

For landowners seeking consultation on habitat recommendations, property tax valuation, managed species programs and alternative agriculture options, Plateau offers a wide variety of biologist-led consulting options.

Habitat Assessment

Habitat Assessment

When you want to know more about your property and what makes it unique, an on-site habitat assessment by one of Plateau’s wildlife biologists can be invaluable. We’ll walk your land with you, educating you about its characteristics and the most appropriate ways of improving habitats for your target species. You’ll end up with an increased appreciation for your land, as well as the knowledge to help you become a more successful land and wildlife manager.

Wildlife Management Plan

Pre-Plan Biologist Consultation

When you have a plan in mind for your land, make sure it’s the best choice for your property by consulting an expert Plateau wildlife biologist. We’ll listen to what you’re envisioning, take a thorough tour of your acreage with you, and provide information to help you make the choices that work best for you and your property.

Your first step towards a Wildlife Management Plan (price is included in total cost of plan purchase).

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Biologist Consulting Site Visit

Designed to address your overall vision for your land and provide recommendations for optimal land stewardship

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Property Tax Consultation Services

Property Tax Consultation Services

Plateau wildlife biologists are also registered property tax consultants uniquely qualified to help you through the process of obtaining the valuations you seek and deal with any issues that may arise.

$150 per hour
MLDP Application

Managed Land Deer Program (MLDP)

Allows you to further protect and manage your property’s natural habitat, through liberalized deer harvest opportunities and extended seasons.

Beekeeping Open Space Valuation Planning Filing

Beekeeping Planning and Filing

Be good to the bees while getting the same valuable tax savings enjoyed by landowners in ag or wildlife by managing coveted honeybees on your land. Although beekeeping requires experience and education to be successful, with Plateau’s help you’ll have everything you need to get your beekeeping operation off the ground quickly and running smoothly. Includes site visits, detailed reports, recommendations, maps and Plateau’s professional representation of your 1-d-1 application to your CAD.

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Plateau Wildlife Services

For landowners seeking specific assistance with wildlife control, brush management planning & solutions, and native or invasive plant species, we provide a wide range of services to appeal to every landowner.


Imported Red Fire Ant Treatment and Control

Imported Red Fire Ants, an invasive species from South America, first arrived in the U.S. in the 1930s and have been wreaking havoc ever since. In addition to being a nuisance to humans, these pesky critters compete with birds for food sources and prey on young wildlife. Plateau’s Imported Red Fire Ant Treatment and Control uses GPS technology and aerial imagery to accurately locate treatment areas and eliminate fire ants with an effective, compliance-ready dual action insecticide treatment.

$700* / 10 acres**
*plus mileage **10-acre minimum

$50.00 credit to each landowner when neighbors combine forces

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Management Activities

Brush Management Consultation

Brush management is one of the most important activities for restoring and enhancing rural land. But it’s easy to make costly mistakes by using ineffective treatments and activities that can damage sensitive or unique habitats. Plateau Brush Management Plans are designed to offer you the best solutions and information to help you make decisions that can save you time, money, and hassle.

A basic overview of the property’s brush management issues and recommendations on how to improve them.

Brush Management

Brush Management Plan

A comprehensive plan offering professional, scientific, and ecologically sound direction for brush management. Includes detailed maps and prescriptions for each target species of brush.

Or $1,200 if a Brush Management Consultation was performed within the last year

Chemical Brush Control
of Native or Invasive Plant Species

Selective treatments that maintain the integrity of the habitat for native wildlife, while enhancing the beauty of your property.

Native control targets species such as willow baccharis and mature mesquite/huisache.

Invasive control targets species such as ligustrum, nandina, chinaberry, and Chinese tallow.

$1,100 per day*

*One full day minimum, four-day maximum, two technician crew/six-eight hours on site. Price includes herbicide. Mileage not included.

Foliar Application Chemical Control

Foliar Application Chemical Control

Targets species such as prickly pear cactus, small regrowth mesquite/ huisache, and willow baccharis.

$1,200 per day*

*One full day minimum, four-day maximum, two technician crew/six-eight hours on site. Price includes herbicide. Mileage not included.

Secondary Ashe Juniper (Cedar)
Brush Management

Targets low density juniper that meets certain size criteria.

$995 per day**

**One full day minimum, four day maximum, two technician crew/ six-eight hours on site. Mileage not included.

Mechanical Brush Management

Plateau does not currently offer mechanical brush services with heavy equipment, but we do know a few responsible and reputable folks who do and can always help with a proper recommendation. One of these service companies who we have a lasting relationship with is Cedar Eaters of Texas. Cedar Eaters and Plateau are partners in helping landowners meet their land and management goals and requirements.

Endangered Species Services

Plateau provides professional and technical guidance to navigate situations involving endangered species, particularly for the Golden-cheeked Warbler. Plateau employs experienced field staff, including a properly 10(a)-permitted biologist (specific to the Golden-cheeked Warbler) that is versed in many aspects of the Endangered Species Act.

We offer an assortment of services, including:

  • On-site consultation
  • Habitat evaluations and monitoring
  • Breeding-migratory bird surveys
  • Presence / Absence surveys
  • Baseline indices in preparation of conservation easements and mitigation banking
  • 10a permit compliance assessments and federal annual reports
  • Endangered Species habitat management strategies

We have excellent working relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, and strive to educate and assist private landowners in proper management and conservation.

Priced per bid.
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