Plateau Service Agreements: Hands-free

(See part one here: What IS a Plateau Service Agreement?)

When you think of a Plateau Service Agreement, you probably think full compliance, or what we’ll recall from the previous post as “hands-free.”

For the “hands-free” landowner, Plateau schedules, executes, and documents all of the necessary wildlife management activities while providing oversight and detailed documentation for the annual report. We handle the work, while you enjoy all that your property has to offer.

A typical full-compliance service agreement might include an annual report, site monitoring visits to check and clean nest boxes, feeder re-fills, water table re-charges, imported red fire ant control and/or a survey. Landowners often add in additional activities to enhance their land stewardship and improve their property’s natural richness and overall enjoyment. These activities vary from prickly pear treatments or exotic plant control to a Comprehensive Avian Report and more.

Plateau’s wildlife services technicians not only conduct and document each activity thoroughly and with expertise, but they also make minor repairs to products and report any issues they notice in regards to the wildlife management activities being performed.

The “hands-free” Service Agreement landowner includes non-resident owners, retirees, real estate investors, and everyone in between. Plateau does all the work and takes care of the legal requirements & details so you can enjoy your time on your piece of Texas worry free.

AUTHOR: Kameron Bain
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