Texas Wildlife Management Exemption

An Alternative Agricultural Practice

Wildlife Management Exemption (Valuation)

A wildlife management exemption – or valuation, as it is more formally called – is an alternate type of agricultural valuation that lets you retain your favorable Texas agricultural exemption while eliminating the need for fencing, veterinary care, harvesting and the other expenses associated with farming, ranching or growing timber. Instead of maintaining the land for domestic livestock or timber, you make it available for the needs of native Texas wildlife while saving time and (potentially) money.

Who it’s for

Moving into wildlife management valuation generally appeals to these types of landowners:

  • Ranchers, farmers and families who no longer want to continue ranching or farming but want to continue caring for their land and its wildlife
  • New rural landowners who want to have their own place in the country without having to deal with livestock or farming
  • Landowners looking for a simpler way of life and more pleasure and enjoyment from owning and working the land
  • Landowners who want to leave a legacy to future generations who may not want to be farmers or ranchers.
  • Those looking for greater flexibility, more choices, and potential savings of time and money

Your land must already be qualified for Agricultural use (1-D-1) in order for you to convert it to wildlife management use.

TPDW Wildlife Management Valuation FAQ

TPWD Wildlife Management Valuation Legal Summary

How Plateau can Help

Plateau will give you a stress-free experience from the moment you sign on. We will help you understand all the requirements, explain the details, customize a Wildlife Management Plan for you, and make the entire application process easy.

What sets us apart is an intimate knowledge of the application process, the quality of our Wildlife Management Plans, and our personal relationships with Central Appraisal District officials. The founders of Plateau helped get the legislation passed to enable wildlife management valuation, and helped write the implementing regulations for the law. We’ve been preparing wildlife management plans since 1997, and this service continues to be the foundation of our business today.

We write and submit hundreds of new plans each year and have an almost perfect acceptance rate. In fact, when others in the industry need help they come to Plateau.

Throughout the past 20 years, we’ve helped more than 3,900 satisfied landowners switch their ranches, farms, or timberland to easier-to-maintain wildlife property. Anytime you have a question or need support, we’re here for you. We’re dedicated to customer service and proud of our reputation.

Not sure if you qualify for a wildlife management valuation? Call us at (512) 894-3479 or contact us online. We’ll tell you the criteria for qualifying and help you make it happen.

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