Plateau Wildlife Management Plans

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Choosing a Plateau Wildlife Management Plan

Your first, and possibly most important, step towards moving into wildlife management valuation is getting a Plateau wildlife management plan. Plateau professionals develop customized five-year wildlife management plans that exceed the standards of all appraisal districts. While our competitors can write wildlife management plans, few can offer the level of service, commitment, and dependability we deliver to you.

All Plateau Wildlife Management Plans include:

  • Research on the requirements of your local taxing entities for the completion and filing of appropriate applications and confirmation of the tax status of your property.
  • An On-Site Assessment of your land by a wildlife biologist for wildlife management and restoration potential. This site visit includes a discussion of your goals for your land, sound management options, and professional advice to aid your decisions.
  • A 5-year Wildlife Management Plan detailing your chosen management practices to meet your goals and satisfy legal requirements will be completed within 45 days of the site visit and submitted for your review and comment.
  • Three Custom Maps of your property using the most recent, publicly available aerial imagery for your area: an aerial imagery map, a soil map, and a USGS topographic map. All include important features of your property, your property boundaries, and the locations of your chosen wildlife management activities.

  • A Formal Copy of Your Plan, its supporting documents, and all necessary application forms submitted by Plateau to the appraisal district.
  • Our Professional Representation of your wildlife management plan to the appraisal district, assuring that all important aspects of your plan will be considered.
  • A Resource Binder, including a copy of your plan, maps of your property, your chosen wildlife management practices, recommendations for record keeping, and resource materials to aid your wildlife management efforts.
  • Our Quarterly E-Newsletter, Seasons, with articles, information and suggestions for seasonally appropriate wildlife activities to keep your plan on track and keep you updated on wildlife management valuation in Texas.


Of course price is a key consideration for landowners and we keep ours transparent. Below is a list of Plateau’s standard prices within our established Service Region.

We do write plans and provide service outside of this area when we can, although some additional charges may apply for extended travel and time commitment. Regardless of where your property is, call us at (512) 894-3479 or contact us online to discuss specific pricing for your property’s plan.

Wildlife Management Plan Pricing:

Plans are priced according to the total acreage of the property to be included in the wildlife management plan. All are five-year plans and include the filing of plans and applications with the County Appraisal District and tracking through the approval process.

The prices listed are a one-time fee for a five-year plan and filing with your appraisal district.

Plans for properties over 5000 acres are priced by a bid process.

There may be some small additional fees for multiple owners or multiple county filings in some instances. There are also some seasonal and regional specials at various times of the year. Call us at (512) 894-3479 or contact us online for an exact quote on your property.

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