Why do I need to re-file my wildlife management plan?

This is a question we get all the time at Plateau.

As a reminder, a wildlife management plan includes detailed information about your property and suggested ideas for future wildlife management activities. It is something for you to follow and review over the next five years, as well as inform the Central Appraisal District (CAD) of what you will be doing to comply with wildlife management requirements.

A lot of landowners tend to forget that their Plateau wildlife management plan was written for five years and that many CADs will request an updated plan after the five years. Re-filing now and getting ahead shows you are an active participant in your wildlife management plan and may ward off any unwanted attention.

If your current plan is good through 2019 – you should be aware that a request for a re-filed plan may come. It’s best to get ahead and submit your updated plan to the CAD at the beginning of the calendar year – this way the CAD will get to your plan early, and you can rest assured your wildlife management valuation stays in place for the next five years.

But that’s not it!

There are two additional reasons in which you are required to update your plan and application regardless if your five-year plan has expired:

  1. Change in legal ownership name
  2. Change in property size

If your plan expires in 2019 or you have made either of the changes in your property above, you will need to re-file your wildlife management plan with the CAD by April 30, 2020. Need help? Contact Plateau today to discuss your re-file options! Plateau updated and re-filed 275 plans last year alone and can write, file and track progress with the CAD on your behalf. Leave the stress in 2019 and enjoy the benefits in 2020 with Plateau!

AUTHOR: Plateau Wildlife
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