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Another beautiful Texas fall is upon us. It may feel like we are in the middle of summer still, but cooler weather is just around the corner. Have faith, it’s coming! And with it, deer and quail season, crisp fall weather, changing leaves, and yes, even the holiday season. It’s an exciting time of the year and a great time to think about your wildlife and your wildlife management plans.

Fall brings a rejuvenated excitement for life and an eagerness to reconnect with the land. This spirit is reflected in this issue of Seasons, in which we highlight several opportunities to improve and enjoy your land while also taking care of a few qualifying activities for those in wildlife for their open-space property tax status. Check out our Wildlife Management Fall Activities Checklist for guidance on which activities to focus on this season.

We hope this issue of Seasons will help jump-start your celebration of fall, and if there’s any way that Plateau Wildlife or any of our family members can help you protect, enhance, or better enjoy your land during this special season, just give us a call. We’ll be here when you need us.

Until next season and Seasons,
The Plateau Team

Table of Contents

Fall Wildlife Management Activity Checklist
Recovering Americas Wildlife Act: An Update on Wildlife Funding for the 21st Century
Service Spotlight: Annual Reports and Wildlife Management Activities Consulting & Review
Introducing New Plateau Employees
Upcoming Events
Did You Know?
Introducing New Braun & Gresham Attorneys
Plateau Land Group Featured Listing


Fall Wildlife Management Activity Checklist

By Kameron Bain, Landowner Account Manager

To say this summer was hot might be an understatement but fall brings hope for cooler days to come. We have heard from several landowners that they took a break from their property during the 100-degree stretch, therefore, it sounds like there might be some catching up to do. It’s a good thing fall is filled with wildlife management activities – here are just a few we recommend.

  1. Wintering and Resident Bird Survey – Start November 15
  2. Remote Camera Mammal Survey
  3. Imported Red Fire Ant Control
  4. Brush Management
  5. Re-seeding wildflowers and native plants
  6. Strip mowing and Discing – Start November 1st
  7. Chemical control of Huisache and prickly pear
  8. Cut-stump herbicide treatments
  9. Tree and shrub planting – Start late Fall/Winter
  10. Brush Pile Construction
  11. Product Installs: Feeders, Water Tables, and Shelter

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Recovering Americas Wildlife Act: An Update on Wildlife Funding for the 21st Century

By James Hall, Staff Biologist II, Certified Wildlife Biologist, Registered Property Tax Consultant & David Riley, Staff Biologist I – Annual Reports, Associate Wildlife Biologist

The update

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) was first introduced in the US House of Representatives in July of 2016. Unfortunately, the bill (H.R. 5650) died in committee and never received a vote. During the 2017 legislative session, the house bill (H.R. 4647) was re-introduced and a related senate bill (S.B. 3223) was introduced. H.R. 4647 received a lot of attention on Capitol Hill and collected a total of 116 co-sponsor signatures before the bill died in committee. This was a monumental step in the right direction to get this unprecedented funding for wildlife conservation in each state.

In July of 2019 Representatives Debbie Dingell (D-Michigan) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) introduced H.B. 3742 along with 60 other representatives. As of August 2019, there are now 110 co-sponsors, including five (5) House representatives from Texas.

A few notable changes come along with this new version of RAWA.

  1. The funds would be drawn from the general treasury instead of from federal energy revenues
  2. $97.5 million will be allocated to tribal fish and wildlife conservation efforts
  3. Funds may be used for plants, as long as the project is tied to wildlife recovery
  4. States will be required to submit a 5-year report that outlines the use of funding

What is RAWA?

Recovering Americas Wildlife Act allocates an annual distribution to the states based on their Conservation Action Plan. This includes potentially $50-65 million to Texas. This would nearly double current state funding, making massive strides towards encouraging the restoration of flora and fauna species of greatest conservation need. With such a large influx of funding, improved management capabilities on existing parks and wildlife management areas expanded preserve systems, and additional incentive-based programs would all be conceivable. This would champion the way towards the removal of more imperiled plants and animals from the threatened and endangered species list. This year’s legislative session and the subsequent years may prove crucial in the protection of the state’s natural beauty and finite natural resources.

Additional information on RAWA can be found at txwildlifealliance.org


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Service Spotlight: Annual Reports and Wildlife Management Activities Consulting & Review

With just three months left in the year, you should be wrapping up your wildlife management activities for 2019. It is important that all these activities are well-documented so you are ready when those annual report requests hit your mailbox. Some of you might be getting this request for the first time, while some of you just want to be sure you are on the right track and doing all of your activities correctly. These are just some of the reasons landowners take advantage of Plateau’s Wildlife Management Activity Consulting & Review.

During this on-site visit, a Plateau biologist documents your wildlife management activities by using GPS, photos and field notes. The biologist will discuss your specific Central Appraisal District’s requirements and answer questions about your activities and documentation. The site visit and report will also address possible improvements to your current activities and possible alternatives.

Purchasing a Wildlife Management Activity Consulting & Review provides peace of mind that your wildlife management activities are in compliance, or you can take that time to catch up if you are behind. Either way, you will be ready when that annual report request letter arrives.


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Introducing New Plateau Employees

Eva Newell, Senior Accounting Assistant

Eva grew up in the bustle of Houston Texas. While she enjoyed her friendships throughout grade school, she yearned for the chance to move out of the city and into the heart of the hill country. With that dream, she moved to San Marcos and graduated from Texas State University, holding studies in Business, Communication, and Psychology. Eva’s spare time was filled with days at the river and hiking local trails.

There, in San Marcos, she met her husband and soon after welcomed their daughter Makenzie and their son Eli only three years later. They now live happily in Dripping Springs where they can feed the neighborhood deer every evening while chasing fireflies at sunset in the beautiful Texas hill country.

Eva is thrilled to be working with Plateau Land & Wildlife to help support landowners and promote local wildlife conservation.


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Upcoming Events

Plateau Fall Seminars 

Here at Plateau, we gear up for fall by providing educational opportunities to expand your knowledge of the Wildlife Management as an Ag use to keep your property taxes low. Attend one or more of these educational presentations in a city near you, or watch an on-demand webinar covering a number of exciting land and wildlife topics from your home computer or mobile device at your leisure.

These events are a great opportunity to ask your questions and share your stories with other landowners in your area. Plateau region managers Mark Hefner, Clay Whitfill, and Dusty Alexander will be presenting and taking questions with help from several of Plateau’s Wildlife Biologist and Wildlife Technicians.

You can find the schedule of locations on our event directory.

RSVP appreciated, not required. Family, friends and neighbors welcome!


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Did You Know?

Did you know that Plateau is a part of a family of companies? If not, we’re pleased to introduce you to Plateau Land Group, a rural real estate company, and Braun & Gresham, rural land legal council.




Braun & Gresham provides expert legal counsel and practical advice for owners of rural property in Texas and nationwide. Braun & Gresham use traditional resources in innovative ways to help their clients protect and create new value in their land.

Braun & Gresham clients form a broad cross-section—from new rural landowners and heritage ranching families to corporations and conservation developers. Services offered range from eminent domain/condemnation, conservation easements, estate planning, property tax and more!





Plateau Land Group’s mission is to provide the most complete set of services for the buyers and sellers of Texas rural land while educating both parties on how land in Texas can be a profitable investment, an enjoyable part of their lives, and the cornerstone of their legacy.

Plateau Land Group’s agents are rural property agents representing buyers and sellers of Texas rural property or Texas farm and ranch land. The team possesses unmatched familiarity with rural land, regional ecology, and agricultural and wildlife management operations. They also have a great understanding of property, income, and sales tax advantages, and values that are deep-rooted in the legacy of the farm and ranch culture.

We’re proud to be a part of a company culture that strives to provide top-notch service for landowners all over Texas and proud of the ability they provide us to offer services for landowners in one place. In short, if it’s about owning land in Texas you can find it here at Plateau.

With more than 20 years of experience helping Texas landowners, our family of companies offers a level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism difficult to find anywhere else.


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Braun & Gresham Update

Introducing Kathryn Tancig & Carly Barton

Kathryn Tancig, Attorney and Counselor

Kathryn is licensed in Texas and Florida – her experience in litigating environmental and land disputes informs her conservation law practice, allowing her to help clients avoid costly mistakes and conflicts in future generations.

Landowners enjoy working with Kathryn because she takes the time to understand their land conservation goals and helps them achieve their objectives quickly and effectively. Kathryn’s background in science and experience in land conservation, real estate law, and government relations make her a natural fit for conservation-oriented owners of rural land. Her services include negotiating the sale of development rights, counseling for the donation of conservation easements, and facilitating conservation developments.

Kathryn understands landowner concerns and takes every opportunity to help her clients realize family and business visions in the most economical way. Landowners applaud Kathryn’s ability to clearly and easily explain complex legal issues as well as her “always available” attitude. Kathryn builds rapport with her clients through careful listening, perseverance, and an unrelenting commitment to innovation and problem-solving.



Carly Barton, Attorney and Counselor

Carly takes her compassion and skill to guide land and business owners through many different legal proceedings. Lawsuits can be complicated, but her wide range of experiences allows her to handle disputes at all levels of litigation – from the Justice of the Peace to Federal Court.

As a litigator, she balances her clients’ needs and legal realities, while fighting for the best result possible. As a counselor, she analyzes her clients’ situation to craft creative solutions to their troubles. Communication with her clients remains a first-and-foremost priority, addressing their needs and concerns and keeping them up-to-date with the status of their matter.




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Plateau Land Group Featured Listing

Double O Ranch
53 Acres, $1,279,000
Kerrville, Kerr County, TX



This property is a true gem with everything you could want in a manageable-sized piece of the Hill Country; views from the 3 bed, 2.5 bath home, barns and pens, two creeks, open pasture, woods, and a range of wildlife, all just 15 minutes from major amenities in Kerrville.

View this listing here

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