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New Year Resolutions for Landowners

by PLW Staff

The start of a new year is the ideal time for reflection and looking ahead towards your goals chiefly, your goals on your land and the plans for the future. 

During this time, start making plans for the new year and take time to review the Wildlife Management Plan for your property.  Review our recommendation of activities to keep your plan valid for this upcoming year.  Take time to walk about your property to ensure your plan and land are in sync.  Has your property changed due to recent ice storms, wind events, or drought?  Your objectives might have also changed over the year, such as managing for whitetail or improving native plant populations. If this sounds like your situation, the plan may need an update.  Be sure to add notes to your management plan about these changes, along with any other observations about your property you have come across. 

Below you can find our guide to commonly needed stewardship practices to create a list of activities.  Or, create a vision for what you want your property to look and feel like, then determine what practices will best help you reach those goals.


Wildlife Tips to help you right now 

  • Improve butterflies, bees, and other pollinator populations by spreading native wildflower seed this spring.  
  • Learn which species to watch for on your own property by tracking bird migration forecasts in real-time.
  • Pick the seed head from grasses and blooms you like on your property and replant. They’re growing natively for a reason. 
  • Evaluate and track wildlife populations on your property with Camera Surveys.  
  • Late winter through spring is an ideal time to reduce feral hog numbers before spring nesting/fawning.  
  • Clean out nest boxes and remove any debris or leftover nesting material from the previous year. 
  • For the best chance of growth, plant woody plants such as trees and shrubs in the winter.   
  • Don’t be so quick to burn that brush you cleared; brush piles make perfect shelters for small critters looking to escape the elements.  
  • Take advantage of native plants to minimize erosion and improve soil health. Plants are the natural solution for many conservation challenges. 


Looking Forward to the Seasons Ahead 


  • Nurture native bird species by completing any brush management before the bird breeding season in March. 
  • In the late Spring, remember to walk a field before mowing, and look out for any newborn fawns. 
  • Plan summertime projects now. If you’re DIYing, you’ll be ready to roll at the first hint of nice weather. If you’re hiring a contractor or other professional, getting your bids and contracts in place now will save you from competing with the spring rush.  
  • Spring Bird Surveys begin March 15th, contact us today to get your survey scheduled with our highly skilled wildlife biologists.



Property Can-Do’s 

  • Keep accurate logs of your management activities by keeping a logbook nearby; at your property, or in the vehicle/UTV you use around the property.  
  • If your property changed in size (such as adding acreage or selling off any acreage) or the legal ownership changed (transferred from a property owner’s name to an LLC) landowners must update/refile their plan and submit a new application with their Central Appraisal District. 
  • Create a monthly maintenance calendar. Include reminders for important tasks, such as refilling feeders, as well as maintenance items, such as brush clearing or fire ant treatment 
  • Utilize maps when possible, mark areas where feeders, water sources, nest boxes, etc. are located. Draw areas where brush management, erosion control, fire ant treatment, etc. occur. 
  • Explore technology: property management innovations can help landowners accomplish goals more efficiently. For example, live video feed game cameras, which allow users to log in and stream live video of their property directly to their phone, are a great option for security as well as monitoring wildlife.  

As a property owner, making and following through on your goals to manage and improve your property ahead of time will start you on the right track. As a reminder property tax bills will arrive and now is the time to file certain late protests or motions to correct appraisal rolls. The beginning of the year is also a great time to consider your property tax valuations, and to begin preparing if you plan to make the switch to Wildlife Management. Avoid the any stress and Call Plateau for help and guidance. 

If you have questions or would like more information about appropriate Wildlife Management activities for your property, please contact us at (512) 894-3479 or [email protected].  

Follow along on our social media @plateauwildlife for more tips as you plan out your 2024 goals. 


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AUTHOR: Brittany Folgate
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