Author:Brittany Folgate

From the Plateau Land & Wildlife Management Team As summer arrives with its vibrant energy, the rising temperatures and occasional thunderstorms bring about a stunning transformation in our environment, capturing our attention and admiration. This season invites us to witness the thriving wildlife and lush landscapes...

From the Plateau Land & Wildlife Management Team The vibrant embrace of spring has begun and as the weather gradually warms and storms, the environment around us undergoes a breathtaking change that demands our attention and admiration. From welcoming the season of breeding birds to viewing...

Supplemental Food: One of our most recommended Wildlife Management Activities

by PLW Staff

In the realm of wildlife management, there’s an activity that is recommended most to landowners: supplemental food. While it may seem like a simple thought, providing additional food for wildlife on your property can have significant benefits, particularly when it comes to maintaining your wildlife management tax valuation. Follow along as we give you a little food for thought as to why supplemental food is not just a good deed for the animals but also a straightforward activity to check off on your list for landowners.

New Year Resolutions for Landowners

by PLW Staff

The start of a new year is the ideal time for reflection and looking ahead towards your goals chiefly, your goals on your land and the plans for the future. 

During this time, start making plans for the new year and take time to review the Wildlife Management Plan for your property.  Review our recommendation of activities to keep your plan valid for this upcoming year.  Take time to walk about your property to ensure your plan and land are in sync.  Has your property changed due to recent ice storms, wind events, or drought?  Your objectives might have also changed over the year, such as managing for whitetail or improving native plant populations. If this sounds like your situation, the plan may need an update.  Be sure to add notes to your management plan about these changes, along with any other observations about your property you have come across. 

Below you can find our guide to commonly needed stewardship practices to create a list of activities.  Or, create a vision for what you want your property to look and feel like, then determine what practices will best help you reach those goals.