With over eight million people visiting Texas state parks each year, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is expanding its park footprint under a multi-year plan that will provide the growing state with more options to experience the great outdoors. According to TPWD, the agency will add six new parks across the state under a 12-to-15-year plan. In addition, one existing state natural area will see a significant addition of contiguous property added to it through a public-private partnership program. The Powderhorn Ranch Wildlife Management Area is a 15,069-acre Gulf Coast property located in Calhoun County that was donated to TPWD in 2018. Now, TPWD plans to set 2,253 acres of that area aside to develop into a state park. The area presently serves as a wildlife habitat, in particular for nesting birds, while only allowing limited access to the public for bird watching and hunting.