What IS a Plateau Service Agreement?

Simply put, a Service Agreement is a yearly contract for Plateau to fulfill a few, some, or all of your wildlife management activities required each year under wildlife management valuation.

What’s not so simple are the many variables that affect each individual landowner agreement. Most service agreements are customizable, one-of-a-kind, and unique to each property and its owners.

Over the past nine years, I have been helping landowners with their wildlife management service agreements. It has been a fun journey getting to know so many different landowners and their properties. During this time I have spent many hours reviewing different properties, different budgets and different needs of our service agreement landowners. I have learned a lot in these hours. Not just about our landowners and properties themselves but also about how service agreements are viewed.

I believe there is a misconception that service agreements are only for landowners who want full compliance. This is not the case. If there is one thing I have learned during my time here, it is that our service agreements help all types of landowners.

After much thought, I have determined there are typically three types of landowners who benefit from service agreements. Here is what I will call them:

  1. Hands-Free (Plateau does all of the work)
  2. Work Share (Work is split between Plateau and landowner)
  3. Lighten Your Load (Plateau does a minimum of two services)

Throughout the next few months, I will explore each of these service agreement landowner types in a series of three blog posts. Who knows, you might find a type that is just like you!

AUTHOR: Kameron Bain
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