The Plateau Annual Service Agreement

Each year over 300 landowners purchase an Annual Wildlife Management Service Agreement to help implement their wildlife management plans. Here are just a few benefits these landowners are taking advantage of each year:

  • Ease and Peace of Mind: Plateau will take care of your wildlife management activities giving you more time to enjoy your property resting easy knowing your valuation is being taken care of and you are moving toward the goals set forth in your wildlife management plan.
  • Proper Documentation: Not only are your activities being covered but also well-documented by our team of wildlife management services technicians and biologists. When the Appraisal District asks for your annual report, you will be prepared.
  • Annual Review: As part of the renewal process the Plateau team reviews your property and all the documentation collected throughout the year to ensure that you continue to meet the guidelines for compliance and that your activities are productive and working toward your property goals. We then make recommendations on improvements or changes to ensure compliance and to assure you get the most out of your service agreement.
  • Customized for your needs: Whether your goal is simple compliance, becoming a true land steward, or somewhere in between, we can customize the agreement to suit your goals.
  • Customized for your budget: We will work with you to create an agreement that works for your property as well as your wallet. Plateau service agreement clients have options of paying all at once or quarterly throughout the service agreement year to make wildlife management even easier.

Plateau has become a leader in offering wildlife valuation assistance by providing consistent, professional service to hundreds of landowners. When you are connected to Plateau through an Annual Service Agreement you will know you are not in the wildlife game by yourself. We’re with you every step of the way and only a phone call or a visit to the office away.

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AUTHOR: Kameron Bain
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