september, 2020

Butterflies, Wasps and Bees, Oh My! How to Manage for Native PollinatorsOn-Demand Webinar


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Rarely do land managers think about the small non-game wildlife that affects their property and even more rarely do they think about the butterflies, wasps, and bees. Texas has a wide array of native and non-native pollinators throughout the state that affect our daily life as we know it. These pollinators are not only a benefit to the ecosystem but are a benefit to the agricultural economy. During this presentation, we will identify some common pollinators seen throughout Texas, discuss the different eco-services that they provide, and outline recommendations for your land to encourage native pollinators, particularly as it applies to the wildlife management valuation.

Presented by James Hall, Senior Wildlife Biologist, Certified Wildlife Biologist and Registered Property Tax Consultant.


Year Around Event (2020)

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