Quail & Small Wildlife Station

Make Your Property a Safe Haven for Wildlife


Encourage quail and other small wildlife, including coveted songbirds, to flourish on your land with this one-of-a-kind feeding and drinking station that stands above the competition.

The Plateau Quail and Small Wildlife Station helps to attract, retain, and improve the bird and small wildlife population on your land with its smart design, combining high quality with low maintenance.

Fully enclosed by 4″ x 4″ heavy-gauge cattle panel, this system prevents non-target species, such as hogs and deer from consuming the food and water while also providing protection for smaller wildlife.

Quail & Small Wildlife Feeding and Drinking Station

$1,885 plus tax

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  • All metal components are powder- coated, galvanized or commercially finished for years of durable service.
  • 25-gallon feed barrel holds 100 pounds of seed, depending on mix.
  • 100-gallon water collection system feeds into small, float-controlled pan for efficient distribution.
  • Fully shaded by roof to reduce exposure to sunlight & extend the life of the water supply.
  • Oversized galvanized lid with easy access hardware allows quick refills.


Plateau does not ship its products directly. Items are available for pick-up, or for an additional fee, Plateau Wildlife Services Technicians will deliver, install and fill your feeder. Photographic and GIS documentation, as well as a field log sheet describing the installation process, will be generated.


Plateau products are built to withstand years of exposure to the Texas elements and wildlife. Should you ever experience product issues within the first five years due to inadequate manufacturing or engineering, we’ll repair or replace your feeder at no charge.


Should you ever have product issues or questions, Plateau technicians are available to answer your questions free of charge or perform field visits for an additional service fee.