Plateau Wildlife Biologist Site Visit

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The Importance of a Biologist Site Visit

Working against nature can cost you money, so it’s important that you work with a biologist that understands your land, your goals, and any financial or physical limitations. A good biologist will make recommendations that are naturally suited to your land and your pocketbook. At Plateau, our biologists are especially suited to address your overall vision for your land and provide recommendations for optimal land stewardship. Spend a couple of hours with a Plateau Biologist on your land, and find out what you might be missing.

A Plateau Biologist Site Visit Includes:

  • An explanation of the unique ecological and habitat characteristics of your land and how historical uses have affected it. This includes a discussion about your land’s potential and specific recommendations by the biologist.
  • Recommendations for target wildlife species and qualifying Wildlife Management activities. Your biologist will assess your goals, habitat diversity, and goals for stewardship to provide recommendations on activities that fulfill your vision and suit your budget.
  • Custom maps of your property including recent aerial imagery and topographic information for your area. This includes important features of your property and your property boundaries.

  • A summary report addressing your concerns and aspirations for your property. At the completion of the site visit, your Plateau biologist will provide a report including recommendations and a summary of the topics that were discussed.
  • An opportunity to bring along friends and family. Invite your friends and family to learn about the land and receive a personalized nature tour on your own property!
  • Our Monthly E-Newsletter, Seasons, with articles, information and suggestions for seasonally appropriate wildlife activities to keep your activities on track and keep you updated on Wildlife Management valuation in Texas.

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