Water Table 305 Gallon

Make Your Property a Safe Haven for Wildlife


Attract more deer and other wildlife to your land with the wildlife rainwater collection system that sets the standard for wildlife products.

Since its debut almost a decade ago, the Plateau Water Table 305 has been rigorously tested, improved, upgraded and refined, resulting in
our current offering—a sturdy, steel framed, supplemental water source designed to provide years of use.

The portable Plateau Water Table 305 comes complete and ready to assemble with all necessary components, hardware, and assembly/installation instructions, or have our trained technicians install, pre-fill (to 100 gallons) and test your system for you.

Installation and maintenance of the Plateau Water Table 305 also provides a 10 year credit for your Wildlife Management Plan activities.

Water Table – 305 Gallon

$1,895 plus tax

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  • Powder-coated frame, legs, and bracing material for a durable finish.
  • Heavy-gauge roofing panels.
  • Downspout/plumbing designed to restrict varmint entry and consequent damage, as well as make assembly faster with less likelihood of leaking.
  • 305 gallon black poly tank prohibits UV transfer to reduce algae issues.
  • 5′ x 8′ roof (40 sq feet) catches 22.5–24.5 gallons per inch of rain.
  • Galvanized, low-to-the-ground watering pan allows easy access (and exit) for all types and sizes of wildlife.
  • Freeze-resistant system helps guard against busted floats or lines.


Plateau does not ship its products directly. Items are available for pick-up, or for an additional fee, Plateau Wildlife Services Technicians will deliver and install your water table. Photographic and GIS documentation, as well as a field log sheet describing the installation process, will be generated.


Plateau products are built to withstand years of exposure to the Texas elements and wildlife. Should you ever experience product issues within the first five years due to inadequate manufacturing or engineering, we’ll repair or replace your water table at no charge.


Should you ever have product issues or questions, Plateau technicians are available to answer your questions free of charge or perform field visits for an additional service fee.