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Plateau Wildlife Management Service Agreements

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Simply put, a Service Agreement is a yearly contract for Plateau to fulfill a few, some, or all of your wildlife management activities required each year under wildlife management valuation. What’s not so simple are the many variables that affect each individual landowner agreement. Most service agreements are fully customizable, interest-free and unique to each property and its owners. Plateau has written and executed service agreements for properties ranging in size from five acres to as many as 5,418 acres.


Plateau does all of the work

For the “hands-free” landowner, Plateau schedules, executes, and documents all of the necessary wildlife management activities while providing oversight and detailed documentation for the annual report. We handle the work, while you enjoy all that your property has to offer.

Work Share

Work is split between Plateau and landowner

The “work share” landowner splits work & activities between Plateau and themselves. Landowners perform the activities they enjoy or want to complete to reduce costs, while Plateau handles specialized or tedious activities and documentation.

Work ShareWork Share
Lighten Your Load

Plateau does a minimum of two services

The “lighten your load” landowner plans to do most of the work themselves, but likes the idea of some level professional involvement for peace of mind. It may be simply visits to confirm all is well and an activity like a bird survey or fire ant treatment.

Lighten Your LoadLighten Your Load

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a wildlife management service agreement benefit me, the landowner?

Plateau acts as another set of eyes on your property that you can trust. Many of our customers utilizing wildlife management as their ag use have found that some level of assistance helps make the program the most enjoyable and rewarding experience it can be. The activities outlined in your plan have to get done and they must be documented in case you are asked by the appraisal district to prove what you did. That’s where Plateau excels for many landowners. We take the work out of the program and you enjoy the benefits knowing that your activities are being completed and documented under the watchful eye of Plateau professionals. A wildlife management service agreement provides you with a level of security and peace of mind that you won’t find anywhere else.

Will a wildlife management service agreement cover everything I need?

It certainly can – Plateau offers a plethora of products and services to comply with wildlife management valuation rules and regulations. That said, there are hundreds of activities to choose from so we simply cannot offer every activity laid out in the seven categories. With a service agreement, you are not required to have Plateau handle everything (though some opt for that level of service). If there’s an activity Plateau doesn’t offer, we can refer you to many of our friends in the field.

If you aren’t looking for full compliance, even a modest service agreement will have a Plateau Wildlife technician on the property a couple of times a year, and that alone can help make sure you don’t fall behind.

Does a service agreement have to cover everything?

No. At Plateau we encourage landowners to be as involved in their plan and property. Many opt for just a little help through a service agreement that takes care of the activities they can’t do or don’t want to do themselves. Plateau service agreements are flexible and customized for you, the landowner.

What services can Plateau provide in a wildlife management service agreement?

Almost any service that Plateau offers can be included in a service agreement. The most common service agreement activities are:

What size or type of property is a wildlife management service agreement appropriate for?

The short answer is any size or type property can benefit from a wildlife management service agreement. Plateau has written service agreements and performs activities on properties ranging in size from six acres to as many as 2,500 acres. Regardless of size, there is a Plateau wildlife management service agreement that is right for you and your property.

Who is doing the work on my property?

Plateau’s on-staff Wildlife Technicians are full-time employees, highly-trained, bonded and insured. Our technicians are the boots on the ground who not only take care of the activities you have requested but use their knowledge of the wildlife management valuation guidelines to assure that you know about any potential issues. Short of walking your property with your biologist every quarter, the best thing you can do is have a Plateau Wildlife technician visit on a regular basis through a wildlife management service agreement.

How often does a Plateau Wildlife technician visit my property?

While the most common wildlife management service agreements may call for 2-4 visits to the property each year, the number of times we visit the property depends greatly on the level of service you have requested. Each agreement is customized to your needs and wishes. We are there as often as we need to be to complete and properly document the activities being performed. 

How do I get documentation of work performed on my property?

Detailed documentation of completed visits and the wildlife management activities performed are available upon request at any time. If your agreement includes an annual report, you will receive copies of documentation when the report is completed after the end of the year. We maintain all documentation on our secure server with routine backups to protect against data loss.

How much does a wildlife management service agreement cost?

The average service agreement costs $2000-3000 (billed quarterly, interest-free), but keep in mind that service agreement prices vary greatly as there is no one size fits all solution for every landowner or property. We pride ourselves on making sure you get what you want and need and not things you don’t. It’s why we perform over 450 service agreements for landowners every year. The cost of your service agreement will depend heavily on what level of service you desire, how many activities we are contracted to perform and how often we visit the property annually. Every Plateau wildlife management service agreement is customized to your needs and your budget. If you’d like a free quote for your property contact us at the form below.

How are wildlife management service agreements billed?

While many landowners elect to make a single, up-front payment, the vast majority of our agreements are billed in interest-free, quarterly payments.

What happens if/when I sell my property?

If and when you sell your property, you will be billed only for the activities that have been completed. Once Plateau is notified, you will receive a final invoice for the balance due or refunded check for prepaid activities.

Service agreements are non-transferable – the new owners will need to purchase their own service agreement if they desire to work with Plateau.

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